What You Need to Know About CATS

What You Need to Know About CATS


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What Makes Cats So Loving


The question of whether cat love is real or not may seem silly to those who don’t own cats. Dogs can claim the title of being man’s best friend, but anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows that they are too great to be friends with. However, some might argue that those who own cats apply human characteristics to non-human entities.

Well, those who argue that all animals care for their young simply out of instinct clearly don’t spend time with cats. This article contains helpful information about cats, along with anything you might want to know to help you and your precious cat live together.



Cat communication has many variations of vocalizations. They consist of meowing, purring, hissing, growling, roaring and grunting. Cats have feline pheromones and a number of body languages ​​too.


Like other felids, cats have a similar anatomy. They are very strong with quick reflexes, flexible bodies, sharp retractable claws, and extremely sharp teeth adapted for killing small prey such as mice.



Cats are known to have extraordinary senses. The cat’s outer earmuffs pick up sound from all directions, which then travel down the ear canal to the eardrum. After sound vibrates in the eardrum, the middle ear converts the vibrations into sound waves and sends them to the cat’s cochlea and finally to the brain.

A cat can hear from twenty hertz to about 65,000 hertz. Since cats respond more readily to high tones than to low tones, this may be the reason why cats seem to prefer women with high-pitched voices. Ears also help the cat in balance. This is the main reason why cats usually land on their feet when they fall.


The structure of the cat’s eye has a cornea, lens, retina, iris, and tapetum lucidum. The tapetum lucidum is a mirror-like layer of cells that reflects some light, helping the cat to see. This is why cats only need 1/6 of the light a person needs to see clearly.

However, cats cannot see in complete darkness. They also have a third eyelid known as the haw to protect their eyes. The cat’s pupils are elliptical to help control the amount of light entering. In their semi-dark state, their pupils dilate and become almost perfectly round. A cat’s pupil can dilate 3 times larger than a human’s.


A cat relies on its sense of smell to establish its territory, and to know if its food is safe to eat. A cat’s nose has nearly 200 million nerve cells, making its sense of smell fourteen times more sensitive than that of humans. Surprisingly, cats can remember certain smells for the rest of their lives.


Although cats only have 475 senses of taste, while humans have 9,000, they have unique papillae to replace them. His tongue was covered with many small bumps pointing downwards, giving it a rough feel like sandpaper. Papillae help them scrape flesh from bones and hold their prey. Cats also have problems tasting salty and sweet foods because their taste receptors prefer flavors that are high in fat and protein.


Cats have an average of twenty-four whiskers on their faces; This hair is very thick and rooted three times as deep. Whiskers are very sensitive to detect the slightest changes in air currents. They are also used to see if the cat can fit through the gap. Not only whiskers all over the cat’s face, but also on the back of its front paws. The mustache is replaced every time it falls out. Cat fur has unique sensitive nerve endings that detect the slightest touch. Their claws are also very sensitive to touch.


Free-roaming cats live day and night, although they tend to be more active at night. The timing of the cat’s movement is quite flexible, meaning that domestic cats can be more active in the morning and evening (crepuscular behavior). This is due to greater human activity that has occurred during this time.


Under controlled breeding, cats are easy to breed and are featured as registered pets, a hobby called plush cats. Failure to control their breeding by neutering has led to large numbers of feral cats. This has led to the extinction of countless bird species.


Everyone who loves cats would want to give the best name for his cat. If you look at some of the most popular cat names, the lists almost always have similar names. However, the reputation of cat names differs from country to country. The ranking of the most admired cat names can be easily assessed, from pet insurance registration to breed registration. The largest pet insurance company in the United States, (VPI), has released its annual ranking of the most popular cat names

The top cat names seem to be Max, Tiger, Princess, Shadow, and Ginger. These cat names seem to be constant over the years; they are still on most lists of popular cat names. Shadow, Tiger, and Ginger are not brains; it’s pretty clear why someone would choose these names. Abby and Max, however, are a little less understandable.

Either way, there are a few names that will keep reappearing at the top of the list every now and then. Some of the most common cat names today are Lulu, Misty, Charlie, Dexter, Ma, and Oliver. Perhaps the oldest and traditional favorite is the name Gloves which is still in use today. Cat names that are popular today seem to come from cultural films such as Disney films, such as Nala, Simba, and Tinkerbell. Some cat names that are fashionable and fitting are related to their coat colors such as Midnight, Java, Crow, Shadow, Cinder and Ebony for black cats. Wherever the inspiration comes from, sometimes the names just come to us as if by heavenly intervention.

Top 5 Names:

  1. Max
  2. bella
  3. Sideburns
  4. Chloe
  5. cat


On average, a cat spends 2/3 of its day sleeping. Every cat considers his regular naps a necessity when it comes to his daily tasks. As individual requirements for each cute cat are different, so will their cat bedding preferences.

Whether your cat prefers to curl up in a warm corner or in the sun, almost all cats prefer a warm, comfortable place to sleep. From chic plush cat beds to pyramid-shaped cat beds and pads, there is a wide variety of styles available to suit your cat’s preferences.

When browsing the different styles of cat beds, whether you are considering a closed bed, heated cat bed, or a luxury cat bed, keep in mind that your main goal is to choose the type that will provide the right comfort and comfort for your cat. warmth for him.


Cat holding and travel made comfortable, easy and convenient with the right cat carrier and crate. There is no doubt that dogs and cats are different from each other in many ways. As every cat fan knows, cats don’t seem to share the fun their canine counterparts get from horseback riding, regardless of duration or distance.

The cat carrier is meant to make driving more bearable for your cute cat, ensuring its comfort and safety. There are also a variety of movable cat carriers available in soft, impact-resistant materials.

You should choose one that is easy to clean to help keep your cat healthy during the trip. Offer your cat a safe and trouble-free ride and a pleasant travel experience with a comfortable cat carrier and crate.


Domestic cats, especially young kittens, are renowned for their love of play. Cats engage in play battles, with each other and with humans as well. This behavior mimics hunting and is important in helping kittens learn to stalk, catch, and kill their prey. Many games have also been created for cats.

Top Games

crazy cat

This is one of the best games for cats on the Android market. This game is written especially for you and your cat! CrazyCat HD is sure to entertain you and your fuzzy friends with these beautiful animated creatures that you control with your phone as your cat runs around your tablet screen.

Friskies cat

Friskies is one company that is passionate about feeding the cat’s senses with fun play. Movements, colors and play have been checked and tested for the fullest feline enjoyment.

Cat Fishing

Cat Fishing is a new cat game specially designed for cats. Tap “start” and start watching your cat play. The more cats you catch, the harder the game will be.

catnip rat

This is a common game among cats. Munchkins skilled hunters love this game, but once they’re done playing, they want a warm lap to dig in and caressed from soft hands.


Most domestic cats, although they are much safer inside, tend to be less active and overweight. Cats, like dogs and humans, benefit from exercise and are active, both mentally & physically. So you need to get our cats up and moving, and there’s no better way to entice their natural instincts to stalk and hunt for prey than to lure them in with cat toys.

Top Toys


Pounce is an innovative cat toy that gives your cat the best of interactive play. This is an electronic mouse that acts like prey but never stops running.


The dart toy is designed to engage your feline friend in enthusiastic play. It consists of a rotating circular laser pattern that your cat stalks and chases for hours.


Get ready to pounce, jump, chase, and maybe even do some half-turn somersaults sporadically. The Twitch is an amazing bouncing fur teaser toy that your cat will keep playing with even if you’re away.


Bolts are interactive cat toys that play with your cat, not the other way around. This is an automatic laser toy that will make your cat bounce off the wall.

Why Buy Cat Toys?

  • They help you build a close relationship with your cat
  • It helps relieve cat boredom and stress
  • This is a good way to train your cat
  • Cat toys help improve your cat’s blood circulation
  • They build muscle tone and prevent/reduce behavioral problems



The first few days of a kitten’s life are critical in helping him feel safe and content around the people who care for him. Regular handling and words of comfort in a kitten’s early stages increase its chances of becoming a loving and balanced cat. This is also a good time to make sure that human hands are not in contact with toys. Let him play with toys and set your hand aside to hold.

Genetic factors

Breeding and genetics play a role in your cat’s temperament. Of course, your cat doesn’t have to be pure-blooded to be noble in his behavior. A good disposition is not an elite for the lineage, as all owners of the hospitable race know. On the other hand, some cat breeds are known for their friendly temperament. Bombay Cats, for example, are known for their affectionate and playful nature on the Cat fanciers website.

One by one

It’s a case of sticking to the golden rule, style like a cat, treating cats like you want to be noticed if you were them. A study conducted by the University of Vienna revealed that the more attention you give your pet, the more affection you will receive. Of course you already know that by now! Research, based on an in-depth interpretation of how owners interact with them reveals that if individuals spend extra time interacting with their pets, they are more likely to remember affection and return the favor.

A mother’s love

Your little kitty needs you for warmth, food and shelter and when she’s snuggled in your lap, she shows her appreciation, especially after dinner! Food is often used as a sign of friendliness, and the way cats and humans relate to food is essentially the same as the interactions seen between human caregivers and pre-verbal infants.


Below are amazing facts about cats that you may not have known;

  • Can rehydrate by drinking sea water
  • A cat sweats through its paws
  • Produce brain wave patterns similar to humans. This means they can dream
  • Has caused the extinction of several species
  • Ancient Egyptians killed anyone who killed a cat
  • Switzerland legalizes eating cats
  • Infected cats can cause Toxoplasmosis
  • A cat’s nose is different from others, just like we humans have different fingerprints
  • The Japanese consider black cats a sign of good luck
  • Ancient Egyptians used to shave their eyebrows when a cat died
  • An Italian tycoon left over $13 million for a cat
  • Recent studies have shown that owning a cat reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack
  • An adult cat only meows to communicate with humans
  • Korea and Japan have cat cafes for you and your cat to hang out
  • The CIA spent over $20 in the 1960s training cats to spy
  • Can die from eating chocolate
  • Every year, nearly four million cats are eaten in China as a delicacy
  • What are the best pets in America?
  • Can swallow food without chewing
  • Makes almost 100 different sounds while dogs can only make 10.
  • Has thirty-two muscles that control its outer ear
  • Can’t taste the sweetness
  • Sleep for about 70 percent of their life
  • The longest cat ever measured was 1.23 m when fully stretched.