Vet’s Unusual ‘Dangle Test’ To Check How Good Your Pet Is

A vet from Florida has taken the internet by storm with a trick that she says may help you tell if your pet has a good temperament or not.

Dr. Tori Given now lives in Kansas with her boyfriend, two dogs, and two cats. A graduate of Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, she took to TikTok and Instagram to share her top tips on pet care and health.

Given told Newsweek: “I first started out on TikTok trying to share interesting cases that I saw in the clinic to hopefully reach other veterinarians or students interested in veterinary medicine. From there I realized that TikTok can be a great educational tool for owners that are interested in helping pets live their best healthiest lives. “

Pictures from the viral video by Dr. Tori Given where she demonstrates the “dangle test” which is said to let you know the temperament of your pet. Internet users have been inspired to test out their own animals and share the results.

On Tuesday, Given shared a video with more than 109,000 followers which has since received over 4 million views. In the video, she shares the details of the “dangle test.”

With a small kitten to hand, she explained: “Apparently, if you dangle them like this and they’re ok with it, then they’ll be good cats.” In the demonstration video, the kitten handles the dangling perfectly, passing the test to the delight of Given.

Explaining the story behind the unusual idea, Given said: “When I started working in a veterinary hospital at around 18 years old, a wise older veterinarian introduced me to the ‘dangle test.’ His theory was that if you hold up a puppy or kitten and they loosely dangle without stress then they will grow to be nicely tempered dogs and cats.”

The video delighted internet users who flooded to the comments to share their thoughts on the unusual example of testing your pet’s temperament.

One commenter joked: “Instructions unclear. Adult cat currently playing with my severed limbs,” while another TikToker wrote: “My cat is too fat to dangle.”

“Definitely going to test this,” said another comment.

“What about pups?” asked another viewer, to which Given confirmed that it could also be tested out with canine friends.

When it comes to if there is any truth in the unusual test, Given explained: “I do think there is some truth to this old veterinary wives’ tale because the ‘danglers’ are calm and trusting which are great qualities to have in a pet.”

Other pet owners have spent their time testing out their own pets, with some even sharing their videos online.

But despite the test claiming to tell you if your pet will be “good” or not, Given was quick to clarify: “I love seeing all of the cats and dogs dangle with their owners from around the world. I also want to stress that even if your beloved pet doesn’t pass the ‘dangle test,’ they can still be great dogs and cats.”

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