Idaho Humane Society receives influx of cats

The influx comes as the shelter also received more than 50 strays since the Fourth of July weekend.

BOISE, Idaho — It has been a busy past few days for the folks at the Idaho Humane Society (IHS). With the recent Fourth of July firework celebrations, some of our furry friends experienced extreme anxiety and ran away from their homes.

“So, we’ve had a decent amount of cats and dogs come into us as strays, which is pretty typical this weekend,” said Laurien Mavey, the Public Relations Assistant with IHS.

She told KTVB, just over the 4th of July weekend IHS received a total of 54 animals

  • Friday: nine cats and six dogs
  • Saturday: seven dogs
  • Sunday: four cats and 17 dogs
  • Monday: three cats and four dogs

With an additional three cats and one dog coming by noon on Tuesday.

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“If you have lost your pet, you can go to our website and click on services and then at the top of the menu, you will see lost and found pets. There you can access our portal, which is where we’ll have pictures of all the animals that have been found. They’ll be listed on there and then if you have lost a pet, you can also file a missing pet report,” Mavey said. 

This comes as the shelter is also looking for foster parents to help take care of an influx of cats. IHS said it received more than 500 cats since the beginning of June. They say, with that many cats and kittens coming in, their staff needs help. But why is this happening? 

“So during our kitten season, we can see these numbers, that’s not that out of the ordinary, but this is a pretty

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Impresionante Doberman

It is a race that grows at a great speed during its first year of life. Who has had a doberman since puppy will have been used to hearing words of amazement from their friends and family because their growth is very fast

However, it is essential that we have patience during its development. On many occasions, we want our dog to be big and strong. Sometimes, this can even become an obsession for the owners of the puppy, who subject it to too much exercise so that their dog is the most developed. This is always a mistake that can cause serious health problems. Our dog should play, run and exercise, yes, but always without haste. We must not force long training days or travel miles until the doberman has finished developing. Even when it is just an excess of play, although, as we said, the Doberman is an active dog and, even more, when dealing with a puppy, the fact that he spends the whole day playing and In this In case, we should never give food, bones, fat, milk or chocolate, as they can cause serious health problems or, in the case of bones, can cause them to suffocate or splinter in the throat of our pet. Something that is not usually taken into account because of ignorance and that is quite important is that the dish of our Doberman’s food is not on the ground, that is, that the dog does not have to duck to the ground to eat. We must bear in mind that it is a large dog, so we must put the plate on a stool or table that is at shoulder height. If we do not do this, it can cause malformations in the legs and spine in its adult phase.

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