Seattle woman shot after burglary, freeing dogs that

There was probable cause to arrest the Seattle woman, but she remained at the hospital due to a need for “significant medical treatment.”

SEATTLE — A woman was shot in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood Friday night after allegedly burglarizing an apartment and releasing three dogs, which attacked multiple people, according to police.

Seattle police first arrived at an apartment complex in the 1000 block of University Street at 10:30 p.m. Friday night over reports of an animal bite. The victim told police she heard barking on the lower level of the building and went to check it out before she was attacked by the dogs and bitten.

When the police arrived, they say the dogs were already inside, and an attempt to contact the owner did not garner a response.

While officers were at the complex, the building manager called 911 and requested they make contact with a woman living in the unit next door to the dogs who “had been consistently causing disturbances in the building” and was seen trying to gain access to other units. Officers tried to make contact with the woman but there was no response.

Minutes after officers left, they were called back to the apartment complex with reports of a woman having been shot, according to the police report.

Officers found a 37-year-old woman with a gunshot wound and she was transported to the hospital.

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The building manager claims shortly after the officers left, the three dogs were back out in the building’s courtyard. The manager said he tried to seek out the owner of the dogs but was bitten. He told police he was able to eventually lock the dogs out of the courtyard and that the 37-year-old woman went with them.

The manager said he heard screaming outside shortly after and witnessed the dogs attacking a couple walking a smaller dog. He told police he grabbed his gun and fired a warning shot in the air, to no benefit.

The manager fired another shot, this time closer to the dogs, but struck the 37-year-old woman.

The manager was treated for his dog bites and charged with reckless endangerment.

The owner of the dogs returned to the scene and told police the dogs were crated and would have had to have been let out by someone, according to the report. Police said the man reported items and several hundred dollars missing.

The woman admitted to entering the building, letting out the dogs, and stealing several items, according to police.

Police said they had probable cause to arrest the woman for residential burglary, but that she needed to remain at the hospital due to a need for “significant medical treatment.” Officers said they would be requesting charges for the woman.

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