Rescue dog has surprising emotional support object: ‘Give it

TikToker Audrey (@lilsmallduck) revealed her dog’s hilarious “emotional support object”: an Oreo wrapper!

Audrey is a TikToker and proud dog parent of a mixed-breed rescue pup named Sprout. Sprout is a playful, often goofy dog with plenty of attitude. He also happens to have a surprising favorite toy, or “emotional support object,” that he takes with him everywhere. In a hilarious video, Audrey shows off Sprout and his emotional support Oreo wrapper!

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The video begins with a shot of Sprout sitting on a fluffy dog bed in his crate. The dog looks up at Audrey as she films him, his ears peeled back slightly, as though already suspicious that his mom is up to no good.

“One thing about Sprout is in his crate he has a very comfy bed he loves,” Audrey says, moving the camera around to show off the dog bed Sprout is relaxing on. Meanwhile, Sprout continues to watch Audrey in confusion as she records him.

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“And if you look carefully,” Audrey continues, panning the camera down to one corner of the crate. “You will find …”

Audrey reaches out toward the corner of the crate, but before she can pick up the object she is reaching for, Sprout lunges into action. The rescue pup reaches out and grabs Audrey’s wrist in his mouth, gently but firmly pulling her arm away from the corner of the crate.

“Stop,” Audrey gently tells the pup, pulling her arm away.

Then she grabs the object she was reaching for. She holds it up to the camera, revealing it to be an extremely wrinkled and slightly faded Double Stuf Oreo wrapper. “His emotional support Oreo wrapper,” Audrey concludes.

“He will not give it up,” Audrey says, as Sprout snatches the wrapper out of her hands and begins to chew on it. The video ends with Sprout contentedly chewing and pawing at his beloved snack wrapper.

“I also have emotional support wrappers in my bed.”

The Oreo wrapper-loving pup had viewers cracking up!

“He said, ‘Give it back,’” wrote one viewer.

“I also have emotional support wrappers in my bed,” another TikToker joked.

“Ma’am, please don’t ever take that wrapper away from Sprout,” wrote another viewer.

Sprout certainly seems attached to his emotional support Oreo wrapper!

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