Living With Maine Coon Cats

Living With Maine Coon Cats : I’ve always admired cats of any breed for their independence, cleanliness and determination to go their own way.

I have 3 old cats and decided to adopt a kitten to raise because I had missed the fun that kittens brought into my life. After watching television shows about different types of cats, I fell in love with the Maine Coon and decided it was the kitten I wanted. I found a breeder near where I live. I’m so excited to visit the kittens and discover a new addition to my pet family.

Kittens that are only a few months old are much larger than other breeds and have long, beautiful fur and tails. I’m addicted!!

I brought my four month old kitten home to introduce him to the whole family. My two big dogs and 3 older cats were very curious and sure enough, the kitten was hiding under the bed where all the kittens seemed to hide when they were scared.

After hours of trying to persuade him to come out of his hiding place, he slowly appeared.

Misty, as her name suggests, doesn’t seem bothered by all the attention she gets and soon becomes a very lively young woman, creating chaos throughout the house, many ornaments falling and plant pots being investigated, especially the earthy ones for her to play with. !

I received a call from the breeder asking if I could take in another kitten since he closed his business, so, of course, I couldn’t refuse. I went to pick up this kitten that needed a home, to find when I got there that there were two kittens, who were quite sick and I could see they needed medical care. I debated with myself about why I should take on this extra responsibility but, being so soft-hearted, I couldn’t look away from them.

So for the next two weeks I kept them away from other cats and cared for them day and night. With the help of the local vet, they made it through and I can rest easy because all my care and attention has given them the opportunity to live a happy life.

They are now well adapted to their new life and causing total chaos in the house being as destructive and playful as all kittens but the Maine Coon breed is a persistent breed, with the ability to be content with themselves or run around. home, all three at once, to rearrange the rugs and furniture! They can grow up to four feet in length, so I hope they will calm down by then or my house might be in chaos!

I started having one kitten and now I have three, would I do it again?

You sure I will!!!

Well-being of cats and kittens, adjusting to a new life at home, with other animals, the Maine Coon breed is very different from many other cat breeds, Independent, fun-loving, affectionate and beautiful.

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