Inflation leading families to hand pets to animal shelters,

ROANE COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — As the price of everything goes up, and families struggle to stretch their budget, many are handing their pets over to animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Grace shortly after being rescued.

“She’s been on antibiotics and medications,” said Roane County Humane Officer Tanya Hicks, as she prepared a recent shelter intake, Grace, for a follow-up vet visit.

Grace came to the Roane County Animal Shelter after being attacked by other dogs. Her story has been shared many times over the last several days on their Facebook page.

But she’s one of 107 animals currently being cared for here at the small rural shelter with three full-time employees.

“I mean, we adopted two and we got three adult dogs in and five puppies, you know, that were abandoned,” Hicks said. “Today we got in two more puppies. I mean, we are crunched.”

Adoptions are down and the number of animals needing help is up.

“Please keep in mind, we are full,” Hicks said. “We don’t have room for anything. It is like that everywhere.”

They say people needing to surrender their animals can help by planning ahead and not waiting until the last minute.

“We try to help out as much as possible. Just please be patient with us. I mean everybody is struggling,” Hicks said.

There are currently 107 animals at the Roane County Animal Shelter.

If you think your budget is getting so stretched you can no longer provide basic care for your pet, shelters want to know as soon as possible so they have time to work on a solution.

“There’s not enough adopters, not enough fosters, not enough volunteers,” Hicks said.

The shelter works with rescues across the country to get the animals placed into new homes and clear up space for more as the number of animals needing help continues to grow.

The shelter says the number one thing you can do to help is spay and neuter your companion animals. If you want to donate items they could always use pet food, especially canned.

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