Cat Mythology

Cat Mythology : Most lower complex animals, invertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptiles probably have an ‘as is’ worldview and accept whatever comes their way – go with the flow. But once you consider relatively taller and more complex animals, such as birds and mammals, then the complexity of the brain becomes such that to a greater or lesser extent intelligence and the ability to think and think things out have to be considered.

Those of you who have companion animals, or even those of you who have just observed animals from a distance, may wonder what these animals look like and may even think about life, the universe and everything. That is, each animal must have some kind of personal worldview; perspective or point of view may be forever beyond our understanding – usually but not always.

I chose the cat in this particular case because I have owned a cat for most of my life. This essay could easily be a dog or a horse or any other pet mammal.

So what is a cat? Can we identify with them? Can they identify with us? Well, pet cats are fun; curious; adaptable; selfish; they dream; they love variety although they can also be creatures of habit; they can ‘think’ things out and make decisions; they have vocal language and body language; they show emotion; they have memory and therefore somewhat have a sense of history; they have the same sense organs as we do; they have their own likes and dislikes whether it is food; a place to sleep, where they want or don’t want to be scratched or rubbed or caressed; and in short, every cat has a very unique personality.

Cats are of course very self-absorbed, maybe a little more than the average adult human, but certainly … Read more

What You Need to Know About CATS

What You Need to Know About CATS


Cat Basic Info

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2.3.3 Smell

2.3.4 Tasting

2.3.5 Feelings

2.4. Behavior

2.5. Breeding

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What Makes Cats So Loving


The question of whether cat love is real or not may seem silly to those who don’t own cats. Dogs can claim the title of being man’s best friend, but anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows that they are too great to be friends with. However, some might argue that those who own cats apply human characteristics to non-human entities.

Well, those who argue that all animals care for their young simply out of instinct clearly don’t spend time with cats. This article contains helpful information about cats, along with anything you might want to know to help you and your precious cat live together.



Cat communication has many variations of vocalizations. They consist of meowing, purring, hissing, growling, roaring and grunting. Cats have feline pheromones and a number of body languages ​​too.


Like other felids, cats have a similar anatomy. They are very strong with quick reflexes, flexible bodies, sharp retractable claws, and extremely sharp teeth adapted for killing small prey such as mice.



Cats are known to have extraordinary senses. The cat’s outer earmuffs pick up sound from all directions, which then travel down the ear canal to the eardrum. After sound vibrates in the eardrum, the middle ear converts the vibrations into sound waves and sends them to the cat’s cochlea and finally to the brain.

A cat can hear from twenty hertz to about 65,000 hertz. Since cats respond more readily to high tones than to low tones, … Read more

Living With Maine Coon Cats

Living With Maine Coon Cats : I’ve always admired cats of any breed for their independence, cleanliness and determination to go their own way.

I have 3 old cats and decided to adopt a kitten to raise because I had missed the fun that kittens brought into my life. After watching television shows about different types of cats, I fell in love with the Maine Coon and decided it was the kitten I wanted. I found a breeder near where I live. I’m so excited to visit the kittens and discover a new addition to my pet family.

Kittens that are only a few months old are much larger than other breeds and have long, beautiful fur and tails. I’m addicted!!

I brought my four month old kitten home to introduce him to the whole family. My two big dogs and 3 older cats were very curious and sure enough, the kitten was hiding under the bed where all the kittens seemed to hide when they were scared.

After hours of trying to persuade him to come out of his hiding place, he slowly appeared.

Misty, as her name suggests, doesn’t seem bothered by all the attention she gets and soon becomes a very lively young woman, creating chaos throughout the house, many ornaments falling and plant pots being investigated, especially the earthy ones for her to play with. !

I received a call from the breeder asking if I could take in another kitten since he closed his business, so, of course, I couldn’t refuse. I went to pick up this kitten that needed a home, to find when I got there that there were two kittens, who were quite sick and I could see they needed medical care. I debated with myself about why I should take on … Read more