Singapura – Catster

Quick Facts

  • Weight: 6 – 7 pounds | male
    4 – 5 pounds | female
  • Height: 6-8 inches

Resembling a mini-Cheetah, the Singapura sports oversized, almond-shaped eyes, a tabby “M” on the forehead, petite round-shaped face and a blunt nose. Its small stature is muscular and feels heavier than it looks.

Blessed with a low-maintenance, brown-ticked coat, the Singapura simply needs a monthly wipe down using a damp washcloth to keep its coat looking its best. It does not have an undercoat.

The coat comes only in sepia (dark brown), with ticked fur and is short, sleek and silky.

Females weigh between 4 and 6 pounds and males average between 6 and 8 pounds.


  • One of the most petite cat breeds
  • Look like tiny cheetahs
  • Active throughout their lives
  • Wash-and-wear coat
  • Highly intelligent

Ideal Human Companion

What They Are Like to Live With

Affectionately known as “Velcro cats” because of their intense desire to always be with their chosen people. They love laps as equally as they do playing interactive games. Also likes to paw faces to wake people up in the morning.

Does best in active households that include other pets to keep them company while you’re away at work.

Extremely curious, engaging and talkative. Never seem to run out of energy or slow down and will always try to insist on helping you with a project.

Definitely enjoys greeting houseguests and thrives in an active household. Keep tabs on this small cat because it can slip out of a door quickly. Always fit your cat with a collar identification tag as well as microchipped ID.

Benefits by being provided sturdy, tall cat trees to climb and survey the scene.

Things You Should Know

Due to their petite size and oversized curiosity, the

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What’s Trending in Treats for All Life Stages

Step up your cat’s nutritional game by selecting the latest in treats, supplements and foods that are packed with healthy benefits for your feline.

The payout is priceless: Your cat may sport a shiny coat, make healthy deposits in the litter box, stave off chronic conditions like diabetes or hyperthyroidism and gracefully age pain-free.

Customizing the right diet for your cat

The challenge comes in meeting your cat’s specific needs. In recent years, the pet food revolution has taken off with global sales surpassing $85 billion. That means more options for your cat and more decisions for you: Does your feline need prebiotics and probiotics? Will switching to a super-premium food pay off in healthy dividends? Should you consider supplementing your cat’s diet with CBD oil or tempt your cat for good behavior with insect protein-based treats?

Answer: It depends. Regularly check in with your veterinarian before adding any new supplement or switching to a new diet to avoid any adverse reactions.

“It’s important that your discussion with your veterinarian goes beyond food choices,” says Dr. Elizabeth Bales, a veterinarian who serves on the advisory board for the American Association of Feline Practitioner’s Cat-Friendly Practice and is the inventor of the Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Feeder products. “Include your cat’s activity level and identify any behavior changes you notice in your cat, especially increased signs of stress.”

Every cat is unique. Each cat has different nutritional needs that change as she ages.

“Diet does influence how well cats age,” says Dr. Jean Hofve, a holistic veterinarian in Boulder, Colorado, who authored the book, What Cats Should Eat: A Holistic Veterinarian’s Guide to Your Cat’s Optimal Diet. She is also the founder of the LittleBigCat website.

“Feeding the best foods takes more effort and may be a little more expensive,”

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Buddy the Cat’s Rescue Inspires the World

Many people would look at Buddy the cat’s traumatic attack, his remarkable rescue and recovery story and say he found his human angel and that his destiny was meant to be.

A rough start but a happy ending

The poor, black kitty’s ordeal started last March in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when two dogs, nudged on by their juvenile walkers, were caught on camera brutally attacking and mauling Buddy, a stray neighborhood cat. Authorities brought the cat to the Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia, and then he was taken to BluePearl Pet Hospital for emergency care.

Buddy was barely responsive when he arrived at the clinic. But Dr. Katie Venanzi, who examined him, noticed the thumping tail — a telltale sign of feline annoyance — and she knew she had a fighter who just might make it.

Dr. Venanzi fostered Buddy through his healing process, and he not only pulled through but found a happy ending. Dr. Venanzi and her family adopted Buddy, who became an international celebrity through social media and news outlets, and now is a pampered puss with his rescuer.

“He’s living the best life,” says Gillian Kocher, director of public relations for the Pennsylvania SPCA, which received more than $250,000 in donations as Buddy’s story went viral. “He is officially in his forever home. … Of course, (Dr. Venanzi) being a vet certainly helped.

“Think about how crazy that is for one cat to have inspired people around the globe to give that kind of money,” she says. “Our work goes on every day to rescue animals just like him.”

Inspiring an anti-animal-cruelty campaign

Indeed, Buddy has become an inspiring ambassador and hero for victims of animal cruelty, and he touched hearts around the world with his remarkable story of recovery. The shelter used his story to start its

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Superpowers Cats Are Thankful For

Cats have a gift for seeing favorable and unfavorable opportunities and applying the “what’s in it for me?” factor. If cats were asked what they were grateful for this Thanksgiving, they’d say their superpowers. Cats are grateful for each one. Here are six of them.


©Getty Images

How many times have we wondered, “How is that cat going to fit inside that tiny box?” Probably only once, because after we’ve seen this superpower in action, we shed all doubt.

Kitties have all the confidence in the world that they can maneuver their nimble bodies into containers of almost any size. Even if they don’t fit perfectly, they have no shame in letting fluff and various appendages dangle outside the boundaries. Nothing is too small or oddly shaped for a cat to pretzel his way into it. Who wouldn’t be thankful for that kind of flexibility and self-confidence?

X-ray vision

Felines use their superpower of X-ray vision to see through walls. It’s true! How else do they know we’re putting fresh sheets on the bed and will require their “help?” How could they pop out of dead sleep on one side of the house and see us through a closed bathroom door on the other side? There’s only one explanation: X-ray vision. Cats are eternally grateful.


Kitties are master manipulators, and they wield that superpower like mighty, self-obsessed, little warriors. Seriously, who’s better than cats at controlling our thoughts and emotions?

We think we’re going to read a book, but suddenly there’s a cat lying on top of the pages, stealing the spotlight. How did that happen? And so quickly?

Of course, we oblige with pets and cuddles because we’ve been manipulated to believe it’s what we wanted all along. Really, how arrogant are we to assume we operate

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Page-Turning Bookstore Cats – Catster

Cats and books are a comforting match. The combination drums up idyllic thoughts about sun-dappled afternoons spent in the company of your faithful feline while relaxing in a comfy chair and leafing through a captivating tome. So, it’s no surprise that a growing number of kitties have decided to further their literary ambitions by taking up residence at independent bookstores across the country. Here’s a spotlight on a highbrow clowder of cats who love nothing more than lounging on a pile of your favorite author’s latest release.

Junie B. Jones / Cat Tales

The donation-based Cat Tales used bookstore in Portland, Indiana, is connected to and was created to help fund the Midwest Pet Refuge rescue. Junie B. Jones is a 4-year-old, affectionate girl who’s been known to unexpectedly jump on a few shoulders in her time! The Cat Tales felines in residence vary, as some get adopted and others graduate to the bookstore to take their place. Junie is currently hoping to find her forever home.; Facebook @MPRCatTales

©Getty Images

Dinah / The Dusty Bookshelf

Living at the Lawrence location of The Dusty Bookshelf in Kansas, Dinah has graduated to a figurehead role as the store’s official mascot (and self-annointed queen). When not prowling the aisles, you’ll find this sleek midnight feline recommending “dinahmite” approved books to the venture’s visiting bibliophiles.; Facebook @The Dusty Bookshelf – Lawrence

©Getty Images

Tiny the Usurper / Community Bookstore

Tiny the Usurper is considered bookstore cat royalty. This runt of the litter ended up being adopted by the Community Bookstore in Brooklyn, New York. Tiny has since gone on to claim co-ownership of the venture (along with billing himself as the “fiercest predator in Park Slope” on his social media outlets). Tiny’s recommended reading picks include the charmingly titled On Tyranny:

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Japanese Bobtail – Catster

Quick Facts

  • Weight: 7 – 10 pounds | male
    5 – 7 pounds | female
  • Height: 8 – 9 inches

Noticeably missing is a long bushy tail. Most Japanese Bobtails are tailless, but some do have a short tail or a “rise” tail. The tails can be rigid or flexible but rarely longer than three inches.

This breed comes in shorthaired and longhaired varieties and features bi-color and tri-color coats in solids, tabby patterns and tortoiseshells. The most popular color is known as Mi-ke (translates into “three fur”), which is white with red and black splotches.

Their medium-sized bodies are athletic, long and lean and their triangular-shaped heads spaces oval eyes, a long straight nose, high cheekbones and large, round-tipped ears.

Females weigh between 5 and 7 pounds and males average between 7 and 10 pounds.


  • No tail or a stubby one
  • Very confident and intelligent
  • Speaks in chirps and soft meows
  • Enjoys playing in water
  • Athletic and entertaining

Ideal Human Companion

  • Active households
  • Households with older children
  • Singles
  • Households with other pets
  • Experienced cat owners

What They Are Like to Live With

Japanese Bobtails exude confidence, curiosity, intelligence and high energy. They enjoy playtime but are not high-strung or skittish.

They are well known for their chattiness and will talk to their favorite people in a song-like, soft tone.

This breed adapts easily to new surroundings, people and other pets and makes wonderful travel mates.

They can be easily trained to walk on leashes and learn basic obedience commands and tricks.

Things You Should Know

Females do not have large litters. In fact, this breed tends to have no more than four kittens in a litter.

The Japanese Bobtail is blessed with healthy genes and high resistance to many diseases. Its average

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