Crew Grooming Bathing And Drying Procedure

Crew Grooming Bathing And Drying Procedure

Coat & Skin Characteristics
• Short coat, close to boys.
• Generally clean with few ordering problems.
• Not suitable for long weather exposure without a coat or jacket, especially in cold climates.
• Biting insects can be a problem in weather conditions.
• Soft and sensitive skin.
• Against hard products, tools and/or equipment especially when used incorrectly.
• Smooth shear layer, tends to weave into fabric.

Shower once a week to once every 12 weeks.


Trim or grind your nails at least every four to six weeks to maintain a healthy foot structure. Clean the ears with a mild ear cleaning solution. Before bathing, immediately clean the entire body with a high-speed dryer to help remove dirt and hair from the skin and loosen loose hair.


Use your regular all-purpose shampoo followed by skin conditioner, unless. Other types of products are indicated for massaging the foam into all parts of the body to ensure cleanliness. On very dirty pets, a gentle natural scrub brush can be used. Use a gentle touch and follow the natural direction of hair growth for a quick clean.


A number of drying methods can be used on this coat type. Start by drying the hand towels. Follow with high speed drying to remove excess moisture and to remove hair loss, using the strongest setting the dog will tolerate. Always keep one hand on the pet to help stabilize it during high-speed drying. Some toy dogs cannot tolerate this drying method because of their size and sensitivity.

If a high speed dryer is tolerable, dry until no moisture is sprayed from the bristles and/or no coating has come off. Finish with a different drying method. Some stylists remove the condenser cone and proceed with a high-speed dryer, holding the tip of the nozzle right against the skin. Work in one area, with coat growth, until the coat in that area is dry to the touch.

Or, switch to natural air drying or cage drying using a low temperature setting. Regardless of the process or combination of processes used, drying is not complete until the coating is completely cool and dry to the touch. Purchase a metrovac pet dryer for dogs and other animals. The quick dog grooming dryer is made in the USA with high quality components and an all metal housing. Unlike plastic dryers, they will not melt or crack.

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