All For the Love of Dogs

All For the Love of Dogs

Dogs and humans just naturally go together. The bond between these two beings is very deep, as humans and their canine companions seem to complement each other in important ways. Humans need a devoted and loyal friend who will offer support and unconditional love no matter the circumstances, and dogs most certainly are able to supply that. For a dog, the love and care of a human master satisfies a dog’s need to be appreciated and lead by the “leader of the pack.” Dogs are indeed pack animals, and they are geared towards following the lead of their master.

For The Love of Dogs

Dog ownership does requires a certain amount of care and responsibility, but the fact is that the love a dog gives its owner in return is worth more than money can possibly buy. All of this is why there are so many epic stories about the profound bond that exists between humans and dogs, regardless whether that dog comes from a litter of akc schnauzer puppies or from a batch of golden retrievers. Jack London wrote memorably about the bond between men and dogs in stories like “Call of the Wild,” while books like “Sounder” and “Old Yeller” also explored the emotional bond families have with their devoted “best friend.”

Even given the great bond humans share with their noble hounds, the reality is that many dogs need homes, and are in need of care and shelter. So, if you are pining for the devoted love of a true friend, consider adopting a dog from an animal shelter or from a private owner. These beautiful creatures need the love and care of a family, and there’s no question they will return that affection ten-fold. Adopting a loving dog could be the wisest decision you ever make, so consider dog adoption today.

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