A Brief Guide to Brain Training for Dogs

A Brief Guide to Brain Training for Dogs

We can all agree that exercising your dog is essential for keeping it healthy and ensuring its behavior remains intact. Apart from hikes, trails, walks, and other activities, you should exercise their brains too.

Working your dog’s body is essential as working a mind, which is why you should implement brain games that will ensure the best course of action. The best thing about playing brain games with dogs is that you can enrich their cognitive capabilities, which will provide you an additional enjoyment.

You should check out more about brain training for dogs to learn about different approaches and exercises you should implement. Suppose you wish to understand everything about brain training before you make up your mind.

That is why you should stay with us to learn each step along the way. Let us start from the beginning.

Things You Should Know About Dog Brain Training

Although standard training, including obedience, comes with a brain training aspect, you should know that actual mind exercising comes with different engagements.

Therefore, the formal obedience training comes with a specific goal to ensure your canine friend learns essential behaviors such as holding a stay, walking politely on a leash, and coming when you call it.

On the other hand, implementing brain exercises will ensure your dog can solve problems, think creatively, and have fun along the way. According to professional animal behavior consultants, brain training comes with a wide array of advantages, such as:

  • Increase chances of engaging in breed-specific behavior such as searching for resources or digging
  • Reduce overall boredom
  • Reduce cognitive issues that happen due to aging
  • Prevent anxiety and other mental issues

Apart from behavioral advantages such as keeping your senior sharp and preventing inappropriate behaviors, it would be best if you remembered that brain training is a perfect way to increase your bond with your canine friend. The main goal is to play exciting and engaging brain games so both of you can have fun throughout the process.

Different Games You Can Play at Home

You can find a wide array of games available on the market. Still, you can use DIY creativity to ensure you create exciting activities. We will present you with a few of them.

1.   Hide the Toy

You can teach your canine friend to find hidden toy taps by using natural scenting abilities. It is a perfect way to burn excess energy inside a household, while you can do it outside as well. The ideal way to start is by placing your dog in a stay position.

Then it would help if you let it watch when you place a toy in a visible spot a few feet away from it. Tell your dog to find a toy by using an exciting voice, encouraging it more to see and bring it to you.

We recommend you play with a particular toy for a few minutes and then hide it somewhere prominent. Repeating a process at least ten times is essential because repetition is key to learning and teaching.

After your friend learns how to react to the phrase “find it,” you should make the searching process more complicated than before. For instance, you can place the toy in a different room or somewhere else where your dog cannot see it.

2.   Indoor Dig Pit

You should know that some dogs enjoy digging, meaning you should implement an indoor digging pit to ensure the best course of action. That way, you are creating a perfect and safe spot to engage in instinctual behavior and address the urge while simultaneously working out.

The best way to start is to use a box and fill it with rags, towel rolls, cardboard paper, bathroom tissues in different lengths, and other dog-safe materials you can use. At the same time, you should select a filler material your puppy will not eat throughout the process.

The next step is to scatter treats or meal rations inside and mix the filler at the bottom of the box. On the other hand, if your dog is toy-driven, you should add toys and balls inside the box or container. The main idea is to ensure they dig around to find treats or toys, which will wear them out and help them deal with instinctive behavior.

3.   Teach Your Dog How to Spin

Another way of boosting your dog’s brain is by implementing trick training, which is a great option to ensure low-pressure games with fun treats as a result. One of the simplest and cutest tricks is spinning, and you do not have to go to great lengths to teach them.

You should start a process by placing a small treat in front of your dog’s nose to ensure it does not jump to smell it and that it remains on four paws. Then it would be best to start making circles in the air dog’s nose to ensure it follows it.

The next step is to give it a treat after completing an entire circle. You should know they will follow a circle to get a reward, which will help you with this activity. We recommend you repeat the process while making loops faster after each repetition.

Moving in circles to get a treat requires goodwill and reward after completion. You should continue doing it and stop by placing your finger above the dog’s head. It is vital to click here to learn everything about dog training.

Determine whether your canine friend responds to a hand signal. You can also implement a verbal cue such as “SPIN” so they can understand the word and start doing it as soon as you make a gesture.

Final Word

A healthy lifestyle will lead to healthy brain function, meaning a diet is also an essential aspect of the process. Therefore, you should implement premium food with real meat and other ingredients without additives to ensure perfect brain health.

At the same time, you can take advantage of available games such as puzzles for dogs that will help you boost their brains while encouraging them to enjoy a particular activity. Of course, you should always be next to them and reward them after the finished process.