Study: My Understanding of Marble

Study: My Understanding of Marble

A Quick Look at Granite Countertops in Terms of Price

When it comes to your home, renovating or adding something new to your kitchen is one way of increasing its value. For those who are looking for a kitchen addition that would increase the value of their houses, adding granite countertops is a perfect idea. Unfortunately, when people find out the costs of granite materials and their installation, they often stop when they don’t have enough money. For homeowners who are looking forward to get this kitchen addition, here is a quick look at granite countertops in terms of their prices.

When it comes to granite countertops, you have several choices. In terms of price, you should not expect all types of granite countertops to be equally costly. You can actually save better when you use granite with lower quality. For countertops, lower quality material is often associated with the rarity of the stone and not its beauty nor durability. For the price, slab granite countertops are the most expensive owing to the fact that they are naturally formed as a single slab of stone granite cut to measure. Meanwhile, you can go for granite tiles or remnants if you are looking for something a bit cheaper, yet these options are not the answer if you want your countertop to look seamless.

Prior to disregarding granite countertops, it is important that you know what cheaper natural stone alternatives are out there for you. To reduce the costs of installing granite countertops, you may select a granite type that any homeowner can install. You can’t expect the same thing when you install slab granite because this option involves professional skills and specialist tools.

Slab granite is one of your first options when installing granite countertops. Sadly, this type of granite is not something that homeowners such as yourself will be able to install alone. With giant slabs, you have to mine them off-site and cut them to the right size of your kitchen dimensions. Their installation also requires professional help. Often, prices for slab granite countertop installation will depend on how easy to obtain granite near your location. For imported exotic stones, they are higher in price than those you source locally.

For those looking for cheaper alternatives, you can start with modular granite countertops. To fit your kitchen, they use smaller slabs and cut them into pieces. To save more, you can install them on your own and save between three and four times than installing natural slab stone.

Lastly, for the cheapest way of using granite, you can get granite tile countertops. Installing them yourself also helps you save more. For this countertop, you will install each granite tile into the surface and use epoxy than grout or mortar. Installing granite tiles is just like installing floor tiles, so expect a lot of seams.

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