How important is horse insurance

How important is horse insurance

Anyone that works with horses knows the amount of time and money invested into these magnificent creatures. Just as insurance would protect a large financial investment like a car or a home, you should also consider investing in insurance for your horse. horse insurance policies vary based on individual needs, but the standard policies cover the most common threats.

Most policies cover up to $5,000 in vet fees per condition. As horses are prone to joint problems as they age, this type of coverage can protect you from an abundance of medical bills. These policies also cover third party liability up to $3,000, in the event your horse accidentally injures another person or animal.

There are also certain conditions that are covered outright under equine insurance policies, including permanent loss of use, personal accident, and saddlery and tack incidents. Permanent loss of use refers to any condition in which a horse is no longer able to perform its duties or tasks, either as a show animal or as a breeding animal.

Personal accident coverage protects you from injuries incurred while working with the creature, such as a fall or injury from a kick. This type of coverage is particularly important to have when handling more temperamental animals.

Saddlery and track injuries occur when the saddle or tack is not equipped properly. These injuries can occur to a horse’s back or mouth, and if left untreated can lead to infection.

There are also various life insurance policies available for horses. When you invest thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars into an animal’s health and wellbeing, you need to protect against all possibilities. No one wants to consider that something may happen to their beloved four-legged friend, but it’s important to safeguard against any and all outcomes to protect your financial health.

If you have not already purchased insurance for your horses, look at what options are available to you and consider the kind of coverage and protection you need.

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